Episode 101: 2 Shrinks Talk About: "Gone Girl"

Episode 101: Gone Girl

We really enjoyed this movie.  There’s was so much psycho-crazy, we could’ve talked about almost every scene of this one! Don’t worry, though.  We didn’t.  But we did talk long enough to cover the following:

  • How couples go from seeing the cute in each other, to seeing the annoying
  • The difference between Type A and Type B personalities.
  • What Amy means when she says that men treat their wives like the Highway Patrol
  • “I’m better off now that I’m gone…..”  Many people have fantasies of escaping their lives, just like Amy, but also very different than Amy (becuaseAmy is psycho!)
  • “Nick doesn’t get to win” – Couples can have a tendency to compete with each other and it usually weakens their bond, rather than strengthening it. 
  • Nick interviews Amy’s ex! – We love this scene- Have you ever wished you could interview your partner’s ex? I know I have!
  • Desi brings Amy all the makings of a makeover – uh, don’t forget where the gym is honey, I want you to look just like you did when we first met.  
  • The Sex Murder Scene! (you’ll have to listen for this one)
  • “You might thank her, Just don’t piss her off!”  - Wise words considering Nick loves a cold-blooded murderer.
  • “That’s what marriage is” – uh- no, Amy it is not psych-sex killing to get your husband off the hook for your self-inflicted disappearance! Jeesh! What was your parent’s relationship like that you think that?!