Episode 103: 2 Shrinks Discuss "The Martian"

This month, 2 Shrinks break down the psych aspects of the movie, The Martian. How would you fare alone in space?  Dealing with the feelings of being abandoned and isolated? we'll be analyzing several different psychological and interpersonal aspects of this film and use the information to help us learn about ourselves and our relationships.

After a fierce space storm, astronauts escape the planet Mars, only they leave behind Mark Watney (Matt Damon) who they presume is dead. Watney, now isolated with few resources, must figure out how to survive on his own until his rescue mission arrives-- if it arrives, that is.  Join us as we discuss not only his physical survival, but his psychological survival!

The Martian touches on themes of:

  1. Isolation - How do people survive in isolation?  Take Control of Your: Space, Time, Body & Mind.  Sounds simple, right?  Think again!

  2. Depression and Social Isolation - Consider this: Three out of every four adults agree with the statement, "American's suffer from skin hunger." AKA, We need to be touched!

  3. Cognitive Therapy Intervention Basics - Retrain your brain! 

  4. Keeping Secrets - Keeping secrets within a marriage, or any significant adult relationship, can cause a breakdown in communication. The bond between the adults may be irreparably harmed, causing harm to any children as well.

  5. Sarcasm and Touch in Affection - Sarcasm happens for 3 reasons: Insecurity, Latent Anger and Social Awkwardness.  How can you deal with it in your relationships?

  6. Problem Solving in Relationships - All relationships have issues, we've got a formula to deal with them!